Due diligence procedure

Each Client collaborating with our office is recommended to use the comprehensive due diligence procedure. The aim of this procedure is to verify compliance of the Client's business with the law and identification of the legal and financial risk. Upon such a procedure audit, we prepare a report on the analysis of, among others:


  • applied standard contracts and agreements concluded by the Client,
  • staff documentation (contracts of employment, manager contracts, by-laws and internal regulations, ethics principles and corporation policy),
  • corporate documentation (articles of association, contracts, resolutions of the company's bodies, by-laws of the Management Board, Supervisory Board etc.),
  • shareholding structure and capital relations,
  • legal status of the real estate,
  • industrial/intellectual property rights of the Client,
  • agreements, licences, concessions, permits and administrative decisions owned by the Client,
  • pending court, arbitration, administrative and court-administrative procedures,
  • financial standing of the Client's company, including financial reporting,
  • risks of a legal or financial nature, including the development of legal solutions eliminating or limiting the identified risks.


The Office collaborates with professional statutory auditors and tax advisers.

Upon the Client's request, we prepare due diligence reports for planned economic transactions, in particular for mergers and acquisitions and transactions related to the enterprise or its organized part.