Intellectual property protection

The Lawyers of RPWE have extensive experience in providing legal assistance in the field of intellectual property and new technologies.

In the field of legal assistance for architects, telecommunication entrepreneurs, energy sector entrepreneurs, entities dealing with the creation and development of software, entities conducting e-services and all entities taking care of the good reputation of their trademarks and intangible assets protection, the RPWE team for Intellectual Property and Technologies, efficiently took care of the clients’ interests in legal protection including, but not limited to:

  • comprehensive services for entrepreneurs dealing with e-business via Internet or other forms of e-commerce - in the field of tax optimization, creation and analysis of e-commerce by-laws, privacy policies, intellectual property protection policies, corporate governance, tax support, support regarding copyrights and industrial property, personal data protection, standard contracts for e-services or by-laws for such e-services;
  • applying to the competent bodies to grant the permits necessary to conduct telecommunication business (entry to the telecommunication entrepreneurs register and its modification in order to be compatible with the scope of telecommunication business, a decision on frequency booking, granting the numbering range or permits for using radio transceivers);
  • representing Our Clients before the President of the Office of Electronic Communications, the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data and other competent bodies and institutions;
  • legal assistance in the field of software agreements (licence agreement, agreements on the design and development of the software, agreements on the transfer of the author's property rights, supply and implementation agreements, service/maintenance agreements) and also to represent our Clients in any disputes regarding the software;
  • legal assistance in database issues (licence agreements on using databases and agreements on the transfer of rights to the databases) and also to represent our Clients in any disputes regarding database protection.